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Athletes to Visionaries

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We are a team of Former D1 and ​Professional Athletes who understand ​the unique journey of transitioning from ​Athlete to Visionary. This makes us ​uniquely qualified to accompany former ​women athletes on their own journey to ​find their path, voice and purpose in life ​within and beyond sports.

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Morgan Jones

Erin Carter

Jessie Pauley


We're committed to Transformation over Transaction, offering ​Presentations, Programs and Products that Guide and Empower Women ​Athletes to be the Visionary of their journey within and beyond Sports.

the transformations

I am extremely grateful for the ​Athletes to Visionaries Program ​and every person I have met ​through the process. I learned to ​find my identity in who I am ​rather than what I do.

Sammi Whiteman, VIP Graduate

Without Athletes to Visionaries ​Program, I wouldn’t have the ​awareness that I do today ​around who I am outside of my ​sport and the impact I want to ​have on the world.

Machaela Simmons, VIP Graduate

I love Athletes to Visionaries! ​Grateful to be a part of the work ​you do to help the transition and ​emotional and professional ​growth of us (former) athletes. It ​is truly incredible.

Brooke Weisbrod, VIP Mentor


Our Team creates and delivers Presentations ​to meet YOUR needs. Serving entire Athletic ​Departments, Sports Organizations and ​Individual Teams, Athletes to Visionaries will ​bring the message and impact that you need ​most to those you lead.


Our Life After Sports Program has proven to TRANSFORM ​Athletes to Visionaries. Now is the time to build your ​Vision for your life beyond sports.

What’s included:

  • 8 live (virtual) sessions: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Guest speakers
  • Small & Intimate virtual group setting
  • Follow along workbook
  • Welcome gift
  • Team of Industry Experts
  • Retreat in Orlando, FL (September 2024)

Machaela Simmons, VIP Graduate


The Vision Box is the #1 Global Vision Board ​Toolkit - designed by Women who just happen ​to be former D1 and Professional Athletes. The ​Vision Box can supplement our Programs and ​Presentations or it can serve all on its own.


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