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Take a look at our 2019 Female Athlete Experience

Our mission is to help athletes discover their true purpose. We enter the crucial conversations happening inside the heart of the female champion: “Who am I?” More importantly, “Who am I beyond the game?”  For the 98% of athletes who go pro in something other than their sport. In the spotlight & hurry up of a ratings based industry, that values talent over person, we take a holistic & transformational approach to the term athlete. Positioning it as a means of becoming the Visionary & CEO of their life.

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Our Foundation

Our team of positive mentors will always reflect inspiration, diversity & possibility.

Making athletes feel valued beyond their sport through serving them. We approach our efforts with “we get to” not “we have to” attitude. 

We keep up with the needs of our audience. Always staying relevant in our approach to the athlete.

Transforming athletes into strong women with VISION.

We validate & embrace athletes unique gifts.

What others are saying about this experience:

"I can not tell you how much this summit touched my daughter... and that was just reflecting today! I can't imagine the reflection she will have in the coming school year as she starts to apply what she's heard. Even I as a parents learned i have to allow my daughter to make decisions so she can flourish in this world. We look forward to coming back next year! THANK YOU SO MUCH! "
Parents testimonial
"Wow, where do I start. This is a movement. My girls could not stop talking about this the whole ride home. They took something from every speakers story and related it to their own life. I personally learned a lot about the female athlete process and how I can be a better coach. To focus more on developing my athletes instead of wins."
Coach Testimonial
"I walked in there thinking all I would listen and learn about was basketball and man I was wrong !! I took life with me ... truly opened my heart and mind to a vision bigger than I could imagine my self reaching for … to see women whom are successful , yet have truly strong stories .. but still then did not let anything stop them .. truly just made me step back and self evaluate myself ..I learned that life is all about what you make it ..setting a foundation for yourself whether that’s environment or self care . everything matters .. also to be present not just simply committed..wow just everything. Thank you because I will always remember this day !!"
Athlete testimonial

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